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2. Brief History of JAFA
(1) Pre-JAFA eras
1961 Aug. Setting-up of the Association of IATA Cargo Agents (AICA)
1963 Jan. Setting-up of the International Air Cargo Forwarders Association (IACA)
1963 Jul. Setting-up of the Domestic Aircargo Consolidators Association (DACA)
1968 Feb. AICA and DACA merger to become the International Air Cargo Forwarders Association (IAFA)

(2) FIATA Participation
1971 Apr. IAFA became a full member of FIATA
1979 Oct. IAFA carried out the first IATA/FIATA Diploma Qualification Exams in Japan

(3) Air Express Carriers
1986 Aug. Setting-up of the Japan International Air Express Association

(4) JAFA and its Growth
1991 Jun. IAFA,DACA & IAA merged to become the Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association (JAFA)
1995 Nov.    JAFA is authorized by IATA as its Official Training Center (Introductory, Rating & Dangerous Goods Courses)
1998 Apr. Issuance of JAFA/Neutral Air Waybill

(5) Recent Activities
2000 Feb. Commencement of the Campaign agaist the Smuggling of Socially Evil Goods (Narcotics, Firearms, etc.)
2001 Mar. Revision of 'Model Contract of Carriage' in conformity with the Montreal Protocol No.4 (MP4)